Indexing / Scanning Services

Indexing / Scanning Services

Our data management scanning and indexing team of professionals helps businesses in establishing and maintaining a better document management. Olympia Secure  can scan, index and store your documents for making an easy archiving and information retrieval. At Olympia Secure, we index and scan a variety of documents including invoices, purchases orders, vouchers, bills, questionnaire, etc.

The exceptionally prepared and talented experts at Olympia Secure are similarly open to creating both even and outlined records. We can either record your reports at the hour of filtering itself, or group list them once you are finished with the examining. We will assemble the record fields, as per the idea of the archives and the information or data conveyed by them. We can likewise utilize methods, for example, standardized tag perusing so as to list your archives. In the event that need be, our archive the executives administrations can likewise assist you with cross-referencing, alongside mapping of your records.


Subsequently, with our record ordering administrations, you will have the option to all the while coordinate and recover pertinent information accessible on an assortment of archives.


We can give your checked and recorded archives in the accompanying computerized designs:









:Any other arrangement you may like

Scanning and Indexing Services we perform:

Filtering of written by hand documents

Wide Format checking and indexing

Microfilm and microfiche examining and indexing

Aperture Card Scanning

Medical Record checking and indexing

Film filtering and indexing

Photo Scanning

Technical and guidance manuals examining and indexing

Legal case records filtering and indexing

Catalog examining and indexing

Parts records examining and ordering

Toward the beginning of a venture we will appoint you a Project Manager who will be in consistent touch with you and altogether comprehend you necessities and desires. We will give you the completed undertaking on a DVD or CD-ROM or you will have the choice of downloading it from a safe FTP server.